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34th Tactical Fighter Squadron - Thud Era

Korat RTAFB, Thailand - May 1966 to May 1969
100 Mission picture

100 Missions

From 1966 when the 34th TFS started combat operations at Korat until the spring of 1968 the tour for aircrews was 100 missions over North Vietnam. On March 31, 1968, President Johnson ended all bombing north of the 19th Parallel (shortly thereafter the 20th Parallel). Aircrews arriving in theater on July 1 or later were given a one year tour, regardless of where or what number of missions they flew.

Upon completion of 100 missions over North Vietnam it was customary in the 34th TFS to have your name added to a long, white scarf.

The Snoopy Wagon

In November 1967 it became normal to transport the 100 mission pilot to the club on a custom-built wagon.

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Snoopy Wagon
Scarf at the 1988 River Rat Convention
The Scarf

Left to right: Lamont "Monty" Pharmer, Larry Bogemann, Dick Heyman, Harry Pawlik, Dave Waldrop.

The Scarf Check
Scarf Location

The original 100 mission scarf has been donated to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force along with an honor board that lists all of the names on the scarf plus those killed and POW's.

Museum Display

The Museum Display

The National Museum of the Air Force has a nice collection of pictures, stories, and other information on their site: Badge of Honor: 100 Missions Up North.

Names On The Scarf For 100 Missions

This list was compiled by Monthy Pharmer in 1988. Some of these pilots were attached or TDY to the squadron, but are certainly considered 34th TFS members. Names are listed below by date they completed 100 missions. Use the "Search" feature just above the table to find a name or date.

RankListed NameDateFull Name
CaptR. D. PielinJul-66Robert D. Pielin
MajR. P. FitzgeraldAug-66Richard P. Fitzgerald
CaptW. D. HauthAug-66Wayne D. Hauth
CaptJ. R. LaymanAug-66John R. Layman
CaptR. H. JonesAug-66Robert H. Jones
CaptD. H. GroarkAug-66David H. Groark
CaptC. E. FoxSep-66Clarence Edward Fox
CaptJ. I. MiholickSep-66James I. Miholick
CaptG. M. WalcottSep-66Gordon M. Walcott
1/LtD. D. O'DonoghueSep-66Denis D. O'Donoghue
CaptC. L. HambySep-66Carl L. Hamby
CaptD. G. LauckSep-66Douglas G. Lauck
CaptR. L. DullSep-66Rex L. Dull
CaptS. S. GunnersenSep-66Stanley S. Gunnersen
MajW. N. WhatleyOct-66Wayne N. Whatley
MajJ. R. StresingOct-66Jack R. Stresing
MajJ. E. HayesOct-66James E. Hayes
CaptA. K. RutherfordOct-66Alan K. Rutherford
CaptT. C. CurtisOct-66Thomas H. Curtis
CaptR. R. ReedOct-66Robert R. Reed
CaptR. D. WatkinsNov-66Ralph D. Watkins
MajK. T. BlankNov-66Kenneth T. Blank
CaptW. D. LessardNov-66William O. Lessard
CaptR. K. NiersteNov-66Robin K. Nierste
CaptE. L. JonesNov-66Eddward L. Jones
CaptD. H. ZiegNov-66Duane H. Zieg
MajD. B. CromackDec-66Dana B. Cromack
1/LtG. G. CatrenFeb-67Gary G. Catren
CaptP. A. GoodwinFeb-67Philip A. Goodwin
CaptJ. T. StadlerFeb-67John T. Stadler
CaptD. E. WeaverFeb-67Davy E. Weaver
CaptA. J. FickMar-67Alan J. Fick
MajL. F. CallahanMar-67Leo F. Calllahan
CaptC. W. GammageMar-67Coy W. Gammage
LTCR. M. HeymanMar-67Richard M. Heyman
CaptD. J. HankinsMar-67Donald J. Hankins
MajE. C. JonesMar-67Edward C. Jones
MajW. E. AugsbergerApr-67William E. Augsberger
MajH. T. TerryApr-67Homer T. Terry
CaptW. W. KennedyMay-67William W. Kennedy
MajR. W. JohnsonMay-67Robert W. Johnson
MajW. C. EagleMay-67William C. Eagle
L/ColA. G. NelsonJun-67Alan G. Nelson
B/GenW. S. ChairsellJun-67William S. Chairsell
MajC. W. McKenzieJun-67Carl W. McKenzie
MajE. JohnstonJul-67Earl Johnston
CaptJ. R. YoungbloodJul-67Jackie R. Youngblood
CaptD. O. AustinJul-67Donald O. Austin
MajJ. N. McClellandJul-67James N. McClelland
MajJ. R. WhaleyJul-67John R. Whaley
MajR. F. JaureguiJul-67Ray F. Jauregui
MajC. E. IrwinJul-67Charles E. Irwin
MajD. F. FryaufAug-67Don F. Fryauf
MajH. PawlikAug-67Harry Pawlik
CaptJ. A. PhillipsAug-67Jack A. Phillips
CaptD. C. CarterAug-67David C. Carter
MajJ. O. RollinsAug-67John O. Rollins II
Lt/ColM. M. TaylorSep-67Mervin M. Taylor
MajP. F. KoeltzowSep-67Paul F. Koeltzow
CaptN. J. DonelsonOct-67Nicholas J. Donelson
CaptR. L. MartinNov-67Robert L. Martin
MajR. G. GiffinNov-67Roderick G. Giffin
MajG. C. ClausenDec-67George G. Clausen
MajD. L. LeftwichDec-67Dalton L. Leftwich
LtD. B. WaldropDec-67David B. Waldrop III
MajF. E. HeinzigDec-67Floyd E. Heinzig
CaptL. G. HoppeDec-67Lawrence G. Hoppe
CaptH. R. DavisJan-68Hugh W. Davis
CaptR. N. CraneJan-68Robert M. Crane
MajD. W. ReversJan-68Donald W. Revers
CaptS. P. MorganJan-68Sam P. Morgan
CaptI. E. LevineFeb-68Irving E. Levine
CaptV. D. EllisFeb-68Vernon D. Ellis
MajK. W. MaysFeb-68Kenneth W. Mays
CaptH. G. Paddon IIIFeb-68Harry G. Paddon
MajC. L. FallsMar-68Clyde L. Falls Jr.
CaptD. A. BeyerMar-68Douglas A. Beyer
MajD. C. Dickson Jr.Mar-68David C. Dickson
MajW. M. BlakesleeMar-68William M. Blakeslee
MajA. L. BarnerMar-68Almer L. Barner Jr.
MajD. D. IgelmanApr-68David D. Igelman
MajD. W. HodgeApr-68Donald W. Hodge
MajS. M. ArmstrongApr-68Spence M. Armstrong
L/ColR. W. SmithApr-68Robert W. Smith
L/ColJ. B. RossJun-68James B. Ross
L/ColN. G. ChristensenJun-68Nevin G. Christensen
ColJ. L. StewartJun-68James L. Stewart
L/ColK. M. HiltzJul-68Kenneth M. Hiltz
CaptW. A. ThomasJul-68William A. Thomas, Jr.
L/ColRufe DyeJul-68Rufus Dye
MajM. L. IrwinJul-68Melvin L. Irwin
CaptG. G. DurkeeAug-68Gary G. Durkee
CaptL. H. PharmerAug-68Lamont H. Pharmer
MajI. K. GoodrichSep-68Ivor K. Goodrich
CaptL. L. BogemannSep-68Larry L. Bogemann
CaptB. J. FuhrmanSep-68Benjamin J. Fuhrman
MajW. P. ShunneySep-68William P. Shunney
CaptJ. E. HartmanSep-68John E. Hartman
CaptJ. J. MurphySep-68John S. Murphy
MajC. E. LangfordSep-68Clarence E. Langford
CaptJ. S. SechlerSep-68Joseph S. Sechler

A list suitable for printing is this pdf file.

Names Not On The Scarf
We have recently learned that there are two pilots that completed 100 missions whose names are not included on the scarf. This is what we currently know.
RankNameDate 100 Missions Completed
CaptainAnthony F. Germann3 October 1968
MajorDouglas A. RoysdonOctober 1968

In Remembrance Of Those Who Served!

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